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Big Games Caught by Chase!! Customers!

05 January, 2016

Happy New Year guys!  Taka from Chase Tackle Shop here. 

I'll post some of the pictures with big games we've received from our customers late last year, so here you go!  


Angler 1: Dean 

- Fish caught:  Tarpon

- Approximate Weight: 50kg (110lb)  

- Lure used:  Carpenter Sea Frog

Our customer Dean caught this big one off the coast of Florida, USA. Congratulations!



Angler 2: Manuel

- Fish caught:  King fish

- Approximate weight: 23kg (50lb)

- Lure used: Jigging Master Rocket Jig

We got these great pictures from our customer in New Zealand Manuel! 



Angler 3: Glenn

- Fish caught: King fish

- Approximate weight: 45kg (100lb)

- Lure used: 3.5 kg Kahawai live bait


This great size King fish was was caught near Mayor Island in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. That's a giant King fish we rarely see that size around Japan! 


Thank you all three for sending us these awesome pictures, and we are really glad to know you are having such exciting times fishing with our items!  We are more than happy to receive those great photos from our customers and share your stories here on this blog, so if you take any photos please send them over to us! We'll look forward to hearing from you, and as always thank you so much for choosing Chase Tackle Shop!!


Big Game Caught with Chase!! Items!

11 May, 2015

Hello everyone! It's Taka here. It has been a  while since my last post.

So, here are some pictures of our customer catching a big game! Congratulations!


Lures used: Carpenter Magurou Kattobi 110-175

He caught this tuna which was approximately 45 kg (100lb)  off Venice, Louisiana USA. 


Big Game Caught with Chase!! Items!

06 October, 2014

Hi everyone! Taka from Chase!! here.

Today I'll share a great achievement done by Chase!! customer, and a couple of pictures of large GT he caught.









Rod Used:Carpenter BLC 83/35

Reel Used: Stella 18000

Lures: Carpenter GT Gamma 120 gold

              Shell Shaping Lures Glans


He caught these GTs around the area called Aitutaki, and from the fishing board "Black Pearl". 

Chase!! would like to hear more from you about your fishing stories and accomplishments! Please feel free to send us pictures of them, and we'll share your great fishing experience here!

Shell Shaping Lures

06 September, 2014

How's it going everybody? It's Taka from Chase!! here.

In this post, I will introduce you Shell Shaping Lure, which is one of the most popular items worldwide!

Shell Shaping Lure mainly targets large games, such as GTs, Blue fins and Sail fish, and it is one of many made-in-Japan products. Cut-back, trumpet, and grantz are some types of this kind of lure, and their action are very different to each other. Especially the trumpet ones have been great for catching large blue fins, but recently they are also used by anglers for fishing yellowtails and sailfish near the Malaysian coast.

What attracts people the most is their beautiful and elaborate shell-like coatings, as they are called "Shell Shaping" lures, and some people even collect them for hobby.

It is guaranteed your fishing life will be much more fun with Shell Shaping lures! 




New Fish Caught with Chase!! Items!

08 August, 2014

Chase!! customer's new fishing accomplishment info!



Fish Caught : Blue fin tuna

Weight : 35 kg (75lb)

The Lure Used : Carpenter GT-Gamma 105 

Location : Chicken Canyon 

He caught this blue fin near Chicken Canyon, about 100 kilometers (about 65 miles) offshore from New York. He caught some other large games that day!
Carpenter Gamma is known for its great performance in fishing large size fish, both in Japan and oversea. Please definitely check out Carpenter Gamma 60-L (KLL Model) if you're interested in big games!
Please send us your pictures of any fish that you caught, and we'll upload them on here!

Yellowtail jigging

09 June, 2014

How is it going everyone?

It's Taka from Chase!!

How are you enjoying this year's fishing season?  In Japan, the long winter has finally ended a while ago, and the temperature is gradually getting very warm. I can fish much more different kinds of fish now and towards upcoming summer!

So, last weekend I decided to go Yellow tail fishing with some of my fishing buddies. Around here at this time of the year, a lot of Yellow tails can be caught by jigging.

We took a boat offshore for about 1 hour til we got to the best fishing spot, and it did not take so long to get a hit after casting in the jig.








We kept getting hits, and caught about 30 Yellow tails in total.





I'm feeling so excited that now that the fishing season is finally here!   

Carpenter Blue fish!

16 May, 2014

Hello everybody! It's Taka.

So this time, I will introduce you the Blue Fish lure from Carpenter series.

Because Gamma series are so popular in Japan, oftentimes the Blue Fish lure is not seen as the best item. However, their usability and smoothness of action are by far better than Gamma lures among many stick baits. 

The Blue Fish lure is mostly used by GT game anglers who want to enjoy an easy fishing, and also it is becoming a more popular item for bluefin fishing and King fish fishing. Also its diving action is very smooth. Chase!! gets orders of Blue Fish lures mostly from Australia.

I always keep one of these Blue Fish lures in my fishing gear box, and use it when the wave is high or wind is strong and can't control the lure well. This lure performs perfectly even in those difficult wave or wind conditions!

If you like Gamma lures, you'll definitely love this Blue Fish lure too!

For your information, Carpenter will release the new Blue Fish 140g model this coming summer, so please contact me if you are interested in getting one!  Also, I attached the video of the Blue Fish lure action so that you can see how smooth it is.

Chase!! sells the Blue Fish lures, along with the other great lures, so please check them out!

New Fish Caught with Chase!! Items!

28 April, 2014

We have new fishing story from one of Chase!!'s customers!

Fish Caught : Giant Trevally

Weight : 28 kg (62lb)

The Lure Used : Carpenter GT-Gamma 160 

Location : Papua New Guinea


The one in the picture was the heaviest one he caught that day, and he also caught about 10 other GTs which were around 20 kg. He said that red bass is another game he caught around there.  It sounds like he had a great fishing time in Papua New Guinea!

The Gamma lures are absolutely great for catching GTs.  I highly recommend you using the Gamma lures if you're targeting them!

Martin, thank you so much for the awesome pictures!

Carpenter Gamma

25 April, 2014

Hello everyone, this is Taka!

When was the last time you went fishing? I haven't been able to do it because of my busy work schedule...  I hope I can go sometime soon after finishing all my work.

This time, I'll introduce you one of the greatest Japanese lures that I recommend! 

Eventually I will post more information about the Japanese lures, but for the first post, I'll introduce you the Carpenter's γ (Gamma) series. This lure caused a revolution in GT fishing, and is also a great item for catching tunas and king fish.

Though its proper handling is pretty difficult, it powerfully catches the target when the action is just right.

The amount of the production of Gamma is limited, but its popularity never stops increasing in Japan, so this lure can be very rare to find both at stores and on auction sites.

Many of Chase!!'s customers who purchase Gamma lures are from Australia and UAE. It would be great to know what kind of fish you are targeting with the Gamma lures!

I found a video that shows the action using Gamma lure, so please check it out below!  It looks the same as the actions with other lures, but if you look closely the action speed and pull width are different. You can wind up the line fast and stop it alternately, or you can simply wind it up, when you have no hits.

There are so many other amazing lures that I'd love to recommend you, so I'll upload information about them once they're ready!



Welcome to Chase!

29 January, 2014

Hello customers and visitors, I'm Taka, the manager of Chase!
On this blog I will upload new product introductions, fishing life in Japan, and those fish that are caught by fishing gears from Chase!
The water temperature in Japan, my home country, slowly starts warming up at this time of the year, and soon I'll be able to fish a variety of different kinds, including blue fins and GTs. I'm also excited that the season of casting games is coming up pretty soon!
I know you all are as excited for the coming season as I am. I hope you'll be very successful in chasing the big games, and will have a great fishing life this year and in the future.


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