Carpenter Gamma

25 April, 2014

Hello everyone, this is Taka!

When was the last time you went fishing? I haven't been able to do it because of my busy work schedule...  I hope I can go sometime soon after finishing all my work.

This time, I'll introduce you one of the greatest Japanese lures that I recommend! 

Eventually I will post more information about the Japanese lures, but for the first post, I'll introduce you the Carpenter's γ (Gamma) series. This lure caused a revolution in GT fishing, and is also a great item for catching tunas and king fish.

Though its proper handling is pretty difficult, it powerfully catches the target when the action is just right.

The amount of the production of Gamma is limited, but its popularity never stops increasing in Japan, so this lure can be very rare to find both at stores and on auction sites.

Many of Chase!!'s customers who purchase Gamma lures are from Australia and UAE. It would be great to know what kind of fish you are targeting with the Gamma lures!

I found a video that shows the action using Gamma lure, so please check it out below!  It looks the same as the actions with other lures, but if you look closely the action speed and pull width are different. You can wind up the line fast and stop it alternately, or you can simply wind it up, when you have no hits.

There are so many other amazing lures that I'd love to recommend you, so I'll upload information about them once they're ready!



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