Carpenter Blue fish!

16 May, 2014

Hello everybody! It's Taka.

So this time, I will introduce you the Blue Fish lure from Carpenter series.

Because Gamma series are so popular in Japan, oftentimes the Blue Fish lure is not seen as the best item. However, their usability and smoothness of action are by far better than Gamma lures among many stick baits. 

The Blue Fish lure is mostly used by GT game anglers who want to enjoy an easy fishing, and also it is becoming a more popular item for bluefin fishing and King fish fishing. Also its diving action is very smooth. Chase!! gets orders of Blue Fish lures mostly from Australia.

I always keep one of these Blue Fish lures in my fishing gear box, and use it when the wave is high or wind is strong and can't control the lure well. This lure performs perfectly even in those difficult wave or wind conditions!

If you like Gamma lures, you'll definitely love this Blue Fish lure too!

For your information, Carpenter will release the new Blue Fish 140g model this coming summer, so please contact me if you are interested in getting one!  Also, I attached the video of the Blue Fish lure action so that you can see how smooth it is.

Chase!! sells the Blue Fish lures, along with the other great lures, so please check them out!

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