Shell Shaping Lures

06 September, 2014

How's it going everybody? It's Taka from Chase!! here.

In this post, I will introduce you Shell Shaping Lure, which is one of the most popular items worldwide!

Shell Shaping Lure mainly targets large games, such as GTs, Blue fins and Sail fish, and it is one of many made-in-Japan products. Cut-back, trumpet, and grantz are some types of this kind of lure, and their action are very different to each other. Especially the trumpet ones have been great for catching large blue fins, but recently they are also used by anglers for fishing yellowtails and sailfish near the Malaysian coast.

What attracts people the most is their beautiful and elaborate shell-like coatings, as they are called "Shell Shaping" lures, and some people even collect them for hobby.

It is guaranteed your fishing life will be much more fun with Shell Shaping lures! 




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