Carpenter Coral Viper 79/35

11 December, 2014


Model:    Coral Viper 79/35

Length:  7'10"

Line:  PE4-6

Lure Weight: -170g

Price :  787 US Dollars


Coral Viper series rods are all-rounder item that perform greatly with any type of lures such as poppers, swim pencils, Pandora, Sea Frogs, Bluefish, etc.

With CV series rods, so many large size GTs (over 50kg) have been caught with much ease, and pull-in action feels so much lighter than other rods. This is a highly recommended rod for all the GT anglers!


PLEASE NOTE that we need to charge an extra shipping fee ( *this is because its shipment is done by FedEx ) and PayPal Fee (4% of total price) for this rod upon purchase. 

The cost for its shipment will depend on the destination region and area, so please contact if you'd like to purchase.

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