Hello everyone, my name is Takafumi.

I live in Japan and enjoy fishing here. Fishing for me is something that gives me the reason to live, and the best excitement for my life.

Among all the numerous fishing gears in the world, I've chosen the Made-in-Japan gears for the whole time. There are thousands of excellent foreign fishing tools, but as a user of the Japanese ones, I know Japan has so many great items too!

My goal for opening this online shop "Chase!!"  is to provide opportunities for people all over the world to experience the excellence of the Japanese fishing gears, and to get a new experience in fishing itself.

This online shop only sells good quality gears which have the good reputation from anglers, and from me of course. I always keep in mind the excitement and happiness of my customers that the gears on this shop will bring you.

Thank you for reading, and lastly... No boundary for fishing!


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