Terms Of Service

Followings are the Terms and Conditions for online shop Chase!! (I hereinafter referred to as "our shop") operated by Tackle Shop Chase!! Ltd. (I hereinafter referred to as "We"). In this user Agreement, customers are referred to as "You."



Article 1: Range of this User Agreement.

This user Agreement specifies the service provided by our shop.



Article 2: Membership.

1. We confirm you as our member, only after completion of your membership registration given that you fully understand our Terms and Conditions.

2. In case we determine that you are not appropriate to hold our membership, we may decline your membership registration.
3. One individual member must only hold one membership, no more than two.
Article 3: Password Management.
1. It is fully your responsibility to use, keep and manage the password which you registered for our shop.
2. We strictly prohibit any of the followings: giving away your password, trading passwords with others, and lending passwords to others.
3. We will not take any responsibility regarding your negligence of managing your password, AND regarding any negative circumstances that may happen to you because of it.
Article 4: Membership Information
1. We are authorized to own your registered membership information AND to use some private information (name, phone number, address and E-mail address) to securely provide our service to you by entrusted couriers. However, if we do not have necessity to provide your information, such as aforementioned above, we guarantee that your information stays within our database.
2. Regardless of the preceding clause, we may disclose your information without your consent, only in cases when we have the legal obligation to do so, such as:
     (1) When we determine that other members, third person or we might have possibility to disadvantage, and when we need to report to police.
     (2) When any national institution or authority, including police, court, Public Prosecutors Office, the Bar association, Consumer Information Center, etc. required us to do so. 
     (3) When we determine that we hold other obligations to do so.
3. We shall not permit any of declaration regarding the false information that you have registered.
4. In case a change occurs in your registered information, you are required to complete the predetermined procedure as soon as possible.
Article 5: Prohibition of Use of Information
We prohibit all privacy-violating actions using information that you obtained from our shop website.
Article 6: Prohibited Behaviors of Members
We strictly prohibit any of the following actions which are:
     (1) against public order and morality.
     (2) related to crimes or criminal behavior.
     (3) against Japan's domestic laws and legislations.
     (4) violating Copyright or Intellectual Property Right of our members, third person or us.
     (5) violating privacy or property of our members, third person or us.
     (6) disadvantageous to our members, third person or us.
     (7) in purpose of defaming our members, third person or us.
     (8) disturbing our business, or damaging our reliability.
     (9) fraudulent action by exploiting member's information.
     (10) provision of false answers and information to all of our mandatory surveys.
     (11) sending or writing harmful computer viruses on any pages of our shop website.
     (12) unauthorized use of member's identification and password.
     (13) any other inappropriate action we prohibit. 

Article 7: Deletion of Membership
1. We shall be fully authorized to entirely delete your membership without notification in the following cases:
     (1) If you violated any of the agreements indicated on Article 6, or against this entire user agreement.
     (2) If we confirm that your registered membership informations are false.
     (3) If you improperly used password, or if you let others do so.
     (4) If we confirm that there was an inappropriate action.
2. Upon deletion of your membership, we shall delete all of the rights you owned for us.
Article 8: Withdrawal Policy
In case you withdraw your membership from us, you are required to notify us in accordance with the predetermined procedure. You will be withdrawn from your membership after we complete the process.
Article 9: Modification of this Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions of our website is subject to be modified without prior notification in case there is possibility that our member may incur disadvantages, or in emergency.
If the modification is scheduled on certain time, it will be notified 1 month before the change will be made, and we assume all members understood the modification by then.
Article 10: Suspension and Discontinuation of Service 
1. We may suspend or discontinue some parts of or entire service without prior notice in case of the followings:
     (1) During the maintenance, website updates and emergency such as server crash.
     (2) When we are no longer able to operate our business due to unexpected natural disaster and force majeure such as fire and long term power failure.
2. We will be exempted from the responsibility that arises from the occurrence of such force majeure.
Article 11: Change and Discontinuation of Service Contents
1. We may change or discontinue our service contents without prior notice.
2. We will be exempted from the responsibility that arises from the sudden change of our service contents, even if you incurred disadvantage for it.
Article 12: Suspension of Service
We may suspend our service for certain period of time which will be announced beforehand.
Article 13: Privacy Policy
For our privacy policy, please read our Privacy Statement.
Article 14: Exemption from Responsibility
1. We will not take any responsibility for the loss and the disadvantage you or the third person incurred due to discontinuation or delayed service of our website.
2. We will not take any responsibility for accuracy and rationality of information for specific purposes.
3. We will not take any responsibility for the losses and the disadvantages that occurred even if they were caused by the information on our website.
4. In case of the conflict between multiple members or between a member and a third person, the responsibility of reconciliation is fully taken by those people, and we will not be responsible for any costs occurred during the conflict and its reconciliation.
5. We will not take any responsibility for settling conflicts and obligation fulfillments between members and third person over any unrelated deals and transactions that are done through our website.
6. We will not take any responsibility caused by obligated disclosure of member's information, which are indicated on Section 2 and 3 under Article 4.
Article 15: Provision of our Online Shop Service
1. Ordering Method
All orders must be made through our website.
2. Business Hours
We accept orders for 24 hours; however, there may be certain cases when your order cannot be made due to the website maintenance etc.
3. Price Indication
All the price of items already include taxes.
4. Shipping Fee and Cash-on-Delivery Fee
The amount of shipping fee varies in each country, therefore all members should confirm the amount on Shipping & Returns page. All members are responsible for bearing any import taxes in each country.
5. Payment Method
Your payment must be made through PayPal.
6. Establishment of Sales Contract
Please acknowledge that all sales contract are established between our company and you at the moment when you received "Order Confirmation E-mail" from us.
7. Cancellation, Return, and Exchange Policy
     (1) You may cancel your order within 24 hours after you placed the order. Please contact us if you wish to do so.
     (2) Please contact us within 7 days if you wish to return or exchange the item because of a defect in the purchased item, or of delivery of wrong item. We will not accept any return requests or cancellation requests if the items do not have any problems or defects.
     (3) Regardless of the statement above, we cannot accept any requests of order cancellation, return nor exchange of items in case of the followings.
     - If delivered item was already opened or used.
     - If it is 7 days after your order was delivered.
     - If defect or damage was caused on your side after delivery.
     - If the item does not have original package and cases.
     - If you customized the purchased item.
     - If the list of our items indicates that the item is unreturnable.
     (4) We will be responsible for the shipping fee for return and exchange, if it was obvious that the item has the defect or if wrong item was delivered to you. In case the item was in fine condition but you did not like it and would like to return it, you will be responsible for bearing the cost for return shipment.
8. Warranty
Besides the aforementioned cases, we do not provide any warranty for the defective items.
9. Other Important Notes
     (1) We may not be able to deliver your order since some of the items are in limited quantities.
     (2) Please understand that the purchased items are slightly different from the ones of our website, although it rarely happens, because of the specification change by gear makers.
     (3) We cannot be responsible for any E-mail related issues such as mis-delivery of E-mails or garbled characters.
     (4) In case one of your orders is missing after you placed multiple orders at the same time, we may make the shipment after we obtained all your purchased items.
Article 16: Agreement Jurisdictional
In case the need for litigation arises between the members and us, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction court for judgement.
Article 17: Governing Law
Regarding the interpretation of this Agreement, efficacy, and implementation, it is understood that the Law of Japan is applied.
Enacted on February 12th, 2014

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