Shipping & Returns

1. Shipping and Returning Policy
In case you found any defects in your purchased items, or wrong item was delivered you, please contact us at info@chasetackle.comWITHIN 1 WEEK from delivery date.
We would love to send you a new item only if the delivered item is unused by the purchaser. If we do not have the new item in our storage and cannot send it to you, we will reimburse your payment. You will be responsible for the shipment fee that occurs when you ship the item back to us.
2. We Guarantee You that We Sell the Best Quality Items.
Selling the items with good conditions is our policy, however, there may be circumstances which your purchased items get damaged during its shipment and delivery. If there is a problem with the item, and only if we confirm that the failure is not purchaser's fault, we will be open to negotiate about the reimbursement. In case it occurred, please send us e-mail at WITH AT LEAST 5 PICTURES of the broken items. Pictures must clearly show the whole body of the item, and its broken part(s).
3. Regarding the Shipping Method.
The shipping method is by EMS (Express Mailing Service).
There is additional fee for shipping fishing rods because of its size.

EMS shipping cost



0~0.5kg     US$14.0

0.5~1kg  US$19.0

1~2kg       US$24.0

2~3kg       US$35.0

USA/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/Middle East of Asia


0~0.5kg    US$20.0

0.5~1kg    US$28.0

1~2kg       US$30.0

2~3kg       US$45.0



0~0.5kg    US$22.0

0.5~1kg    US$30.0

1~2kg      US$35.0

2~3kg      US$55.0

South America/Africa


0~0.5kg    US$24.0

0.5~1kg    US$31.0           

1~2kg       US$40.0

2~3kg       US$65.0






USA/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/Middle East of Asia-US$160.00




South America/Africa-US$280.00

Please Note:
- The items' weights which are indicated on item descriptions are only the weight of the item itself. It does not include the weight of the wrapping and boxes used for shipping. The shipping fee might change depending on its packing.
- Please contact us if you need to know the shipment fee to the countries which are not shown above.
- Please acknowledge that we cannot send any shipments to certain countries/regions.
- Note that any import taxes that occurs at customs are your responsibility



We accept these payment methods: