Specified Commercial Transaction Law

1. Name of the Seller
Tackle Shop Chase!!


2. Operation Director

Takafumi Shima


3. Address and Contact

19-6, Zaimoku-cho, Kanazawa

Ishikawa, Japan 920-0921

E-mail: info@chasetackle.com


4. Ordering Method

All orders must be done by filling out the ordering form on our website.


5. Payment Option

The payment for the purchased items is currectly only through PayPal.


6. Payment Deadline

The items will be shipped to you after confirming your payment.
Please note that the order will be automatically cancelled if we cannot confirm your payment within 7 days after we send you the invoice through PayPal.  


7. Policy on other Necessary Fees

(1) Shipping Fee

Please check this list of countries and shipping fees for your reference.


(2) Customs Duty

- We inform you that any customs fees, such as import taxes, are your responsibility. We encourage you to check those fees of your country before making the purchase.


8. Order Cancellation Policy

Should you decide to cancell your purchase, contact us at info@chasetackle.com within 24 hours after submitting the ordering form. We will not accept any cancellations after 24 hours of your order.


9. Shipping Method

The shipment will be made after your payment is confirmed.

We entrust the regular-size deliveries to Express Mailing Service (EMS), and shipment of rods to FedEx.


10. Item Return Policy

In case there is defect in the purchased items, please E-mail us to info@chasetackle.com within 7 days of the delivery. Any returned items must be UNOPENED. Please understand that we will not be responsible for shipping fee for returning items.

We accept these payment methods: