Carpenter 2016 NEW MAIHIME 120

Carpenter 2016 NEW MAIHIME 120 Sale


Carpenter 2016 NEW MAIHIME 120


$142.00 $161.00

Target Fish: GT, Tuna, king fish, etc...

Length:    220mm 

Weight:     118g

Type:    Floating 

Color:   White


Fit hooks: ST-66 5/0. 

Fit Split Ring: Carpenter Split Ring 250lb.


Having undergone a series of testing and improvements, the new Carpenter lure “MAIHIME” appears and swims just like real fish, that they cannot even figure out if the lure is a real fish or not.

Its action on the water is almost the same as Gamma, but this lure works better if you give it a shorter reel winding intervals. This lure might not be the best for the rough wave condition, as Bluefish and Gamma could be better for that condition.

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