Carpenter Blue Fish 160

Carpenter Blue Fish 160 Sale


Carpenter Blue Fish 160


$165.00 $174.00

Target Fish: GT, Tuna, king fish, etc...

Length:    210mm 

Weight:     116g

Type:    Floating 

Color:    Buri modoki


Fit hooks: ST-66 4/0. 

Fit Split Ring: Carpenter Split Ring 250lb.


Blue Fish lures show its great performance in fishing giant trevallies and yellow fin tunas near the reef edge of places such as Maldives, Fiji, Palau and the Christmas Islands. This type of lure is very effective when those fish react well to fast-moving lures.
The fishing action is easy and simple: just to wind the reel when the lure is at the medium speed, and keep the lure gliding on the surface of water and make it dive into water time to time. Also, this lure has performed well in Japan, when it's used with movements like Gamma's lures.
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