Carpenter Magurou Kattobi 110-175

Carpenter Magurou Kattobi 110-175


Carpenter Magurou Kattobi 110-175



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Target Fish:  Tuna, GT,  etc...

Length:    175mm 

Weight:     110g

Type:   Sinking  

Color:     Flying Fish


Fit hooks: ST-66 4/0. 

Fit Split Ring: Carpenter Split Ring 250lb.


The Magurou lure can be used when you target to catch Bluefin and Yellowfin tunas, and it is very useful when flying fish is the bait. It has caught large number of tuna especially the bluefins.

To use it, simply wind the reel but a little faster. The good speed of winding is at when you can see small splashes on the water.
Actions using rod is not necessary for this lure. It does not perform so well when there's much action or when the lure is caught up by the waves.
The Magurou lure is the must item for fishing tunas!!


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